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We even have our own “in the house designed” precision straight and angular cutting table. Designs are created, hand-drawn on the wood, after which it undergoes several treatments for durability. Extraordinary hand-precision is required to create the joints and putting the structure together.

A 4-layered treatment ensures our products are made to last a long time.

The piece is given its final touches by polishing, sun-drying, sanding, waxing, re-drying and finally waxing again.


That’s when we deem it ready.

Soulspiti was started as a route to conscious living. It is a process of slowly returning to all that’s good and wholesome, where we take care of ourselves, the environment and everything that is around us. In a manner that’s beautiful and enduring. Soulful designs for everyday living. Authentically sourced and handcrafted to perfection. Conscious living, nature and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our Categories – Botanicals, Lighting, Spaces, Lifestyle.​Our creations are a labour of love. A blend of traditional crafting wizardry and innovation. They’re hand-made, inspired by nature and conscious designs.

Take pyrography, for example. It’s an ancient technique of creating intricate designs on wood by using a metal pen. The pen is heated so the tip burns the wood and the artist can create whole worlds on it. By varying the pressure of the tip, the artists can even bring out myriad hues of brown on the wood. History suggests it was used in China, Africa and Egypt. It takes an extremely skilled hand to find the delicate balance and translate it into an artscape.


Soulspiti aims to follow in the footsteps of nature. We create lifestyle products that imbibe the natural order of things, innovating without disturbing. Nature does not waste. Neither do we. We use waste wood and plants. They intermingle creating an aura of inner peace and allow you to create your own beautiful spaces.

Nature purifies. Our pottery is hand-made and our plants help purify the air.

Nature preserves the environment.


Soulspiti nurtures and enhances local artisans, nurseries and the age-old techniques used to create our products.

Our aim is to live in harmony with nature, listen more to our inner selves and create living, breathing spaces where we as humans, can better understand the soul of the planet we live on.



Our design philosophy is all about simplicity, functionality and aesthetics. We are inspired by nature and conscious choices and sustainability is always a start point to creating anything.
We do this by cutting edge inhouse innovation and learning continuously from the best trends worldwide.
These are a few tenets that help us create unique objects yet preserving the philosophy we believe in. Every creation becomes a part of us and the spaces we create
We find inspiration in very simple things and things that we see daily. Our canvas is always open to creativity and adornment. We love ideas and sustainability stories that can fuel creation. Our designs are named after the inspirations that create them. 
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