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We value our surroundings a great deal. We use recycled wood and our materials are local. The hills and villages around help us engage deeply with the local community. Rest assured at least 50% of our products have up-cycled materials and hand crafted processes involved


We use waste wood – scrap wood, pallet wood and wood to be used for burning are also recycled by us to make aesthetic pieces of furniture. Our 3-step treatment process gives it the durability and strength it requires.

Even small items used (nuts, screws, clamps etc.) all come from nearby village sellers, who have now become part of our universe, given the developmental investment we have put in them.

We use Pinewood, as our primary source of wood. Pine has prominent grains and knots and they make every piece unique. Its stiffness, texture and light weight make it perfect for our designs.

There is an abundance of Pine and it is ideal for our creations. It also grows fast and cut trees are replaced rapidly with new growth.

The whole process is sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Pine trees grow well on plantations or farms with little impact on natural habitats, whereas oak used in furniture typically comes from old growth forests.

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