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Single stem holders are vases that hold a bunch of flowers or dry stem. Vases form an essential part of home décor. Explore a unique handcrafted range of contemporary designs to amp up your spaces. Available in different materials like Solid Wood, Engineered Wood and Ceramic. Solid Wood never goes out of style and is classy, contemporary at the same time while the Engineered Wood is much sustainable out of all. Ceramic vases add a unique touch to your home decor. Explore from our wide range of single stem holders design


Single stem

Vases are used to decorate your homes and workplaces by adding a decorative element and intrigue. Vases of various shapes and colours can be used to bring a splash of colour to any modern or contemporary home or office. The vases are perfect for someone who enjoys home decor. These flower vases look great with roses, orchids, peonies, lilies, or artificial flowers. Vases can be used to give a decorative element to any room by placing them on the balcony, tables, gardens, or in any other part of the house. Vases are the first thing you should add to your home while arranging it, as they may assist bring colour, texture, and charm. Vases are excellent gifts and are appropriate for a variety of occasions..