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When you are buying a plant, you are bound to make preparations for it. After all they need their bit of love and care. Starting from the planter, you would plant your plant in, to the watering schedule to the place of keeping it, its light and space requirement, you would like to research on everything.

There is another accessory that is a great addition to your plant and the planter - The stand. Here are three reasons why you should buy a stand with the planter.

1. Access to sunlight - If you are potting a plant that has a higher sunlight requirement than its neighboring fellas, you may want to raise its height using a stand. Its a great way of arranging your plants .

2. Drainage - If you are using a pot / planter that has a drainage hole, you're good. The amount of drainage also depends on the material of the pot you are using. Ceramic and Terracota pots have a higher tendency to absorb water and maintain temperature and lets the soil dry faster. However plastic and metal do not exhibit this property, resulting in a longer time for the soil to dry, This can lead root rotting. A stand can enabled a better drainage in these pots, as placing them at a height enables gravitational drainage of water as well.

3. Ease of movement - A stand makes your planter portable, whether you want to move its place for a plant shower, a trim or just like that. A stand also enables better cleaning. May sound a little unscientific but check out with the ones, who love every corner tidy! :)


We've built three types of stands - Square and Tall, Triangle and sturdy and flat. Each have a different functionality. Choose the square tall ones, if you want a medium sized planted, The Triangle one if you have or want a heavy planter. The flat stand is more suited for cacti or succulents.