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We work from a little idyll. Mercifully distant from the noise of the city. Nestled in a small village about 30 km away from Delhi. Just like SoulSpiti, it has a soulful feel, with natural greenery around, fresh air, bird sounds, paddy fields and such delightful things. The vibe never tires us and keeps our spirit aligned to the vision of Soulspiti.


We are a bunch of believers. Believers of what we do. Yes, we truly, actually, completely believe in the goodness of basics. We are nature inspired and we deem that a conscious living and sustainability is no more a choice, it is a necessity. We believe in providing the customers the unique designs.

Our craft is the passion we feel. Our products and our work speak of the kind of people we are. Do explore products that not only gives you asthetic feel but also make your soul peaceful

Share your stories, your experiences with us, if you share the same values and belief!

Have a good day:)


Please feel free to contact us with any product-related questions, consultations, or inquiries. We're always here to assist you!

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