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farther and higher we go

jumping headlong into the noise

tearing away from all that we care

when all that remains is the soul


This is a story of two founders who hail from an idyllic place. A place where the sounds of the forgotten dialects mingle with those of nature. Where everyone ate what they grew and no one was afraid of good, hard labour. Life was simpler, gentler. Only love and compassion were shared and where the pace was such that one had time to stand and stare.

Imagine then, through the dizzying heights of success in the relentless corporate world, the memories lingered of this place they left a long time ago.

They decided to quit and return. To the place they had found true meaning and purpose.

Soul Spiti was born.


When every day seems like a tornado threatening to uproot you, when every moment is a blur, it’s time to stop. To rest and reset.

While we can’t wish away everything that’s not quite right for us, we can begin to strive for balance. In small but sure steps.


soulspiti is balance – a middle ground. A state of equality, if you will. A serene space within this crazy world. The art of basics is an invitation to choose balance. In small, everyday things that are designed to restore a sense of calm.



it was always you and i, in every breath, in every sigh

should we ever decide to turn away, we will both perish

by and by

Nothing exists alone. This concept of duality is at the heart of what we do. We share a relationship with the environment. Our destinies are intertwined. It’s this belief that’s given birth to SoulSpiti.


Our lives are scattered, abrasive and don’t give anything back to the environment, let alone preserve it. It’s time we slowed down, made mindful choices about every aspect of our lives.


This approach of interconnectedness is our philosophy and weaves in and out of our design, our community interactions and of course, our products.


Earth will take care of itself. For us, it’s a journey. Of rediscovery. Of creating sustainable behaviour.


This is conscious living.

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