Life takes you places, Love brings you home

Home is where the heart is. We know that every thing that you pick for your home has to be special. Not just beautiful, it should serve the right purpose. A home is the heart;s canvas, where you pick and keep things that make it a place, you call your own.

Our home decor products are carefully handcrafted with responsibly sourced materials, bringing to your the very best. Our products are not only aesthetically and functionally apt, these are also socially and environmentally conscious. We use pine wood, locally procured plants and slow skilled hand crafting techniques to make your products.

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Multipurpose Stacks
All we need is a gorgeous multifunctional stack to brighten up a corner. – Indoors or out, the choice is yours. Stack plants, books, or just about anything else on the substantial wood piece, and it will instantly add character to any space.
Shop now Multipurpose stacks made of solid wood available in asthetic colours and designs.