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Living consciously means taking charge of your life, thinking about your decisions rather than making them on the spur of the moment, and living the life we want rather than the one that happens to us. And it's deceptively simple: be aware of everything you do and think about it. Instead of doing things without thinking, make mindful decisions. That's everything.Our lives are stretched, strained and artificial. The frail connection we have with our bodies, our inner rhythm and the living earth is fading.

This disconnect shows up daily in our lifestyle. In what we eat, our discordant routine, the materials we welcome in our homes and even the way we conduct ourselves.

Conscious living is a process of slowly returning to all that’s good and wholesome. Where we take care of ourselves as we do, the environment. In a manner that’s beautiful and enduring.

This is our purpose.

It is the guiding light in how we design all our products. Whether it’s organics sourced from the Himalayas, or natural resins for woodcraft, the waste wood we use, the ceramics and of course, the plants.

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