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verses in Green


In here you'll find plant holders of varied kinds - Stacks, Planters, Pots and more. We have combined two or more elements to create unique designs. These are also made of materials that are either up cycled or are responsibly procured. Browse through our collection!


There's nothing light cannot Illuminate


Pinpoints or bursts, flaming or muted, light can be both monochromatic or just eccentric! Our collection creates a warm ambience. Pleasing and soft, they are often combined with green elements. This interplay is inspired by simple, yet raw elements of nature. We hope our collection enlightens you.


Shop from our range of lamps and candle stands. Made of pinewood, recycled wood and resin our lightings bring together intricate craftsmanship, innovation and the magic of art and love.


An ocean of possibilities


An empty space beckons. Be it a little wedge of a corner, a hideaway zone or just a big, old wall. It envelops you and liberates you at the same time. It acquires your personality. It becomes you.

Browse through our collection of  home essentials



Inner journeys will always be more beautiful


It is all about easing the pace. Knowing what you really need. Creating spaces that allow you to just be. Here you’ll find things for a healthy daily routine, kitchen ware and air-purifying plants. Turn the inside out. To a whole new you.

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