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baati still 2_edited.png
baati still 2_edited.png
baati still 2_edited.png



There is a thin line of difference between experiencing and realizing. When we start experiencing the world around us, we form so many dots, which subsequently get connected and things start to make sense and that is the beginning of realization.

Aabhas is the beginning - it embodies the beauty of just experiencing, without the burden of making sense of everything. 

As we experience the world around us, we feel. These experiences cause emotions and our first range of lamps take their experience from these emotions.





Gatha is a story of the unobvious touching you in unexpectedly beautiful ways! Like the morning sun infusing you with the energy to start off your day. It is an inspiration in itself.


Designed to open like a book, it has an inherent impact of a beginning and of the energy of getting through. Powered through a 3 watt LED cabinet, it is an ideal study lamp. The white emission is perfect to keep you awake and alert for the focus required.

Crafted using the sustainable pinewood, this lamp has an appeal one cannot ignore