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 BAATI is our attempt to bring forth an aspect of lighting that seamlessly blends with your dominant emotion transcending it into a calmer place.

Inspired by the natural ways of lighting, our Artisanal lamps interweave colours and moods, creating an enhanced aura.

A result of art, craft and science, BAATI will change the way you look at your spaces 


A careful step, marked with curiosity and, caution; A new chapter filled with hope and love and finally the realization and peace - The canvas of life, connected by the commonality of an existing emotion


Colour temperature, Lumen and the make of the lamp contribute to the lighting and aura it creates. BAATI is thoughtfully created keeping in mind the elements of lighting the form. It is designed to evoke and blend with your emotions and create a space which has an aura and a soul.


Emotions and colours have a deep connection. The human eye receives wavelengths emitted by various colours, creating a psychological and physiological connection. Imagine what the glare of a bright light makes you feel, vis-a vis a mellow yellow. Needless to say colours and lamps have a connection. This is the connection, we explore through BAATI.


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