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Anti - day is a ritual, your everyday recharge, for the next day, next mile. We truly believe that an Anti - Day therapy is a must for everyone.

“There’s something really zen about potting plants or gardening in general. Forces you to be present in the moment and not being anxious about five million other things.” — Mary Marcella. We’re all a part of nature, and although many of us live in cities and can feel cut off from it, plants show us just how connected we all are. 

Our greens will help purify the air and clam you. While pleasant lights will cast a healing aura. Do up your spaces, your own way and make it your cocoon, your very own.

“When I get in a funk, I use the plants to help me out of it. I’ll check on them if there’s any dead leaves, dryness, need of watering, and move around to get some sun, etc. This little bit of caring for something else (and who isn’t talking back to me) helps me clear my head and restart my day.” — Rachel Able


Sip on a hot cuppa, quietly connecting with all that’s around us. Being one with nature.

Undoing the day is a ritual and how our products help you do that! Try out our ways

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