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Watch your emotions come alive with our new range of finely handcrafted artisanal lamps, designed and made to make your everyday moments better!


by soulspiti 


BAATI accentuates the myriad emotions you go through everyday. So whether its a joyous get together, a deep conversation, a family dinner or just time with your own self - You will see these lamps setting the right mood for you.

While making BAATI, we've tried to visualize the nine fundamental emotions of life and interwoven them with the science of lighting.

When you shop from soulspiti, its not just a product you take home. Its sheer goodness - the material, the make and the mission give it a meaning beyond looks.

Just dive in - Into our world of art, class and purpose.

Conscious living meets earthy, living design. Sustainable, durable art and elements made by the labour of hands and the age-old wisdom of forgotten communities. Our unique collection is inspired by nature. The designs are avante-garde while infusing complex local techniques. The materials we source are authentic. Our elements - Wood, lights, plant and leaf, they’re all reflections of a mindful way of life. And our products are made to last.


Our mission is to make truly sustainable products accessible and available for everyone!

Why do we call ourselves conscious



Our designs combine the functionality and simplicity of the Nordic world and the richness and vibrancy of the Indian legacy, making it an aesthetic and unique outcome. We call it Indo Nordic - The best of two worlds.

We create simple, aesthetic and functional things. Inspired by nature, our designs hinge a lot on natural textures, forms and simplicity -  lines, basic shapes and combination of varied elements. Sustainability and  conscious choices are always a starting point and are deeply interwoven in our designs

We customize sizes, colour and variations of the product. Click on the below link to get a customized product.

Our products are handcrafted using intricate skills and techniques. These processes are kinder to the environment, as they do not pollute and also help us support local communities actively. We don't waste and our pursuit is to develop and deliver environmentally and socially conscious products to you. Sustainability is a constant guide.


Sustainability for us is not just a practice. We live it as a way of life. Starting from where we are located, to who we work with, to what materials and processes we use to how we manage waste. This way of life reflect in whatever we design and make, bring to you an option of products that are truly conscious and sustainable. Find out how we do this!


Enabling conscious and sustainable choices